“…it happens too fast.  You trade your passion for glory.  Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past.  You must fight just to keep them alive…”   Oh, that song.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard it I would be one rich woman, lemme tell ya’.  Eye of the.. read more →

“…’til I’m not thirsty.  I just wanna sleep ’til I’m not tired.  I just wanna drive ’til I run out of highway into the purple sky…”   So I’ve been kicking these lyrics around for a while.  Like a LONG while. YEARS.  And just recently I was able to wrap my mind around why they’re.. read more →

“…that’s more than three bricks high.  Don’t take that candy from the store if you ain’t got the dime.  Don’t pick a fight with a little guy that don’t talk that much.  Don’t pick up a cherrybomb thinkin’ it’s a dud.  And don’t sneak out of a 2 story house usin’ bed sheets for a.. read more →

“…but no money makes that kind of hard to do.  Forget the beach – I’d rather be here with you playing croquet okay, maybe, that’s not true.   But you make it easy, easy, easy to get away.  Sit in the sun and drink beer all day because it’s easy, easy, easier anyway…” Lemme just tell.. read more →

“…and it’s lookin’ grim.  A lake of fire lookin’ like a long trip…” Raise your hand if you’ve ever looked at an organizing project this way!!! I’ll admit it, I raised my hand! That’s right.  I’ve seen some projects before and thought “Holy balls.  WTF?”  As a matter of fact, it’s not uncommon that I.. read more →

“…myself today to see if I still feel.  I focus on the pain.  The only thing that’s real…” I dunno about you but I LOVE Johnny Cash’s version of this song.  Not that Nine Inch Nails sounds terrible or anything.  It’s just…I guess it’s just that Mr. Cash’s version haunts me.  Something in his voice.. read more →

“…New Year!   Happy New Year!  Let’s raise a glass, here’s to you dear!  Now I was hoping that I’d find you here just to wish you a Happy New Year…I’ll quit smokin’.   I’ll quit eatin’.  I’m not jokin’, I’ll quit cheatin’. I’ll quit cursin’.   I’ll quit drinkin’.  I’ll be a better person…I know.. read more →

“…Hold tight.  We’re in for nasty weather. There has got to be a way.  Burning down the house…” I don’t know about you but sometimes Christmas and the days after kinda make me feel like the only way out of the mess IS, like the Talking Heads suggest, to burn down the house! Discarded wrapping.. read more →

“…Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens, rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese and Santa puts gifts under Christmas trees…” Well, it’s pretty clear that the guys from Run DMC know what their Christmas is gonna look like.  You know, they’re gonna be in Hollis.  Mom’s gonna cook-chicken, collard greens, rice, stuffing and mac and cheese… read more →

“…A tired father!  Finding parking spaces! DADDY, I WANT SOME CANDY!!!!  Donations! Facing my in-laws Five months of bills! Writing out those Christmas cards! Hangovers! Now why the hell are they blinking?!?!?  And finding a Christmas tree.” I dunno about y’all but this song makes me laugh EVERY time.  Maybe it’s because I remember my.. read more →