“…Time for toys and time for cheer.  We’ve been good, but we can’t last!  Hurry Christmas, hurry fast!  Want a plane that loops the loop. Me, I want a hula hoop!  We can hardly stand the wait!  Please Christmas, don’t be late!” Oh, Alvin and the Chipmunks, how I love you for not mentioning one word.. read more →

“…of a four letter word.  You get my motor runnin’ or you get on my nerves.  You make me wanna kiss you or just flip you the bird.  You always got me thinkin’ of a four letter word.  Oh, you got me thinkin’ of a four letter word.” I gotta admit, this song pretty much.. read more →

“…in a one horse open sleigh.  Over the hills we go laughing all the way HA HA HA…” Maybe it’s just me but trying to get shopping done this time of year doesn’t really leave me laughin’.  I was in Target last night and…WOW.  And I’m generally a nice person.  Unless you’re strictly an internet.. read more →

“…with boughs of holly.  Fa la la la la la la la la…” Oh the decorating! I love this part. Seriously, I may have a problem with Christmas decor addiction.  It’s so bad I don’t even allow myself to look at ’em in stores when I’m alone.  I struggle between wanting all the new cute.. read more →

“…and checking it twice…” I dunno about you guys but if Santa is makin’ a list then so am I! I can’t tell you how important the next two steps are on your quest for a freak-out free holiday. I mean, all twelve are pretty genius but these next two?  Well, you’ll see.  The best.. read more →

“… my true love gave to me…” Hopefully your true love hooked you up with a kick-ass December calendar/ planner because HOLY CRAP you’re gonna need it. And you’re gonna need to keep it with you AT. ALL. TIMES. throughout the Christmas season.  Okay, maybe keeping it with you ALL the time is a little.. read more →

(Oh, I almost don’t even wanna say it but…) “…CHRISTMAS!  Everywhere you go.  Take a look in the Five and Ten glistening once again with candy canes and silver lanes aglow…” Yep, it’s December 1.  The night of December 1.  In 24 days it’ll all be over.  576 hours. 34,560 minutes. I don’t know about.. read more →

“…but you make me frown.  And every time you come around I fall in love with you again.  And I could walk on water if you would hold my hand but you lead to me the slaughter and you would cut me up again.  So I’ve been prayin’ that my love for you will pass.. read more →

“…Who’s gonna stand that tall?  Who’s gonna play the Opry and the Wabash Cannonball?  Who’s gonna give their heart and soul to get to me and you?  Lord, I wonder who’s gonna fill their shoes…” Since it’s George Jones week here in Nashville, I figured it was appropriate to use The Possum’s lyrics today.  Man,.. read more →

“… right round, baby, right round like a record, baby right round round round.  You spin me right round, baby right round like a record, baby, right round round round…” That’s the kinda song that just sorta sticks with ya, huh?  (You’re welcome.)   I have NO idea what the rest of the lyrics are but.. read more →