“…and those days that I always miss.  Tom Petty on the radio.  Going steady with nowhere to go.  No money just time to spend.  An old Chevy and a couple friends.  Oh how I wish that I could go back in time just to love you again…”

I love this song.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  It’s Kid Rock’s new one but don’t let that scare ya’ off. If you like Bryan Adams’  “Summer of ’69” – no smart comments please- you’re probably gonna like this.  It’s that same kind of classic rock thing. The kind of song that grabs you somewhere between your heart and your gut and twists just enough to bring on sweet nostalgia.  The good kind of nostalgia.  And there isn’t even a cuss word in it!  It’s pretty much downright wholesome!

The lyric that really resonated with me was “no money just time to spend” and not just because he looked super hot while singing it in the video.  (It really is a great song. You should totally check it out.  I’ll even give ya’ the link!  That’s it right there.  Click it!  For the love of all you cherish in your life CLICK.THE.DAMN.LINK.)

Whew.  I apologize for that little outburst.  You’ll have to forgive me because  “Yeah, you see umm, well, I’m an actor. Right? So I gotta keep my emotions right at the surface, y’know? See what I’m saying? I gotta lot of balls in the air.  Y’know what I mean? It’s tough! Guys like me, y’know, you wander around, you’re alone…”

(FYI, I’ll give the first person that can identify that quotation right up there a $25.00 gift certificate to The Container Store!)

So that lyric?  It pretty much punched me in the gut.  Don’t you remember those days of sitting around with nothing on your hands but time?  No money to go anywhere or do anything except MAYBE put gas in your parents’ car.  But more than enough time.  Time that you spent wishing and hoping for your future. Imagining what your “real” life would look like.  When you had money. And a car.  And a kick ass house. Amazing friends.  Fabulous career.  Beautiful children.

One particular moment stands out to me.  Sweltering hot summer afternoon.  Laid back in a baby pool on my godparents’ deck with my best friend.  We lived in the country and aside from the creek, we didn’t many “swimming” options and lemme tell you, my bff was NOT into creek water or river water or even lake water all that much.  She could sit in the sun for HOURS.  Me?  I was good for about ten minutes then I was trying to convince someone to either go inside or get the hose out.  The baby pool was actually the perfect compromise.  Our only option but still- a perfect compromise! We were 17 probably.  Gorgeous but absolutely oblivious to it.  Our whole lives in front of us.  I remember my godfather driving up the street and into his driveway laughing like crazy at us.  I’m pretty sure he was just mad we beat him to the pool.

When’s the last time you did something like that?  When’s the last time you took time to be silly? When you remember feeling…free?

I know, I know.  Life gets in the way.  The job, the bills, the stupid car. Your family.  You have no time.  Now that you have money- we can use the word “have” loosely if ya want-all you’re wishing for is time.

It’s like you finally got what you’d been wishing for all those years ago and now the reality of it isn’t all it was cracked up to be.  We traded time for money.  Freedom for responsibility.

I read a great article a few weeks back at my husband’s suggestion called “Got No Time?  Got No Money?”  (The link to the article is attached to the title.  No, this is not a sneaky way for me to get you to listen to that new Kid Rock song.)  It’s written by a trainer so the context of the article is set in a working out/going to the gym kinda mindset.    I’m not really a “go to the gym/let’s work out” kinda girl but I found HUGE value in it.  HUGE.

Here’s an excerpt-

Once time has passed, it can’t be gained back. Time is given and expensed every instance. You can’t save it. Because of this, humans are constantly trying to find ways to “gain” time or, better yet, better utilize it. Why do we drive cars instead of walk? Why do we use phones instead of letters? Why do we purchase products from Amazon.com instead of going to the store? The answer is simple: to “save” time. This brings us to our first great lie: “I don’t have any time.”

…You see, it is a logical fallacy to say that you don’t have any time because you and I and every person on this planet have been given the same amount of time. We are given 24 hours every day, 168 hours every week, 52 hours a year. This amount of time has been evenly distributed between you, Bill Gates, Kim Jong-un, a missionary in Africa, a rapist in prison and your next-door neighbor. To say that you don’t have any time is to state that you’ve been slighted in the distribution of time given to you and we all know that this can’t be true.

The truth is you will spend your time doing something and that something will be your priority.

The author goes on to talk about what he calls “The Second Greatest Lie” and how in business you have to spend money in order to gain time in order to make more money.  I’m not going to paraphrase anymore because

1.  I’m not going to do it justice and you totally just need to take five minutes and read the stinkin’ article yourself  and

2.  I think his thoughts on time are what’s really important here.  Really, really, REALLY important.

Time is precious.  It’s a limited resource.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  And if you don’t make time for the fun stuff, for the silly stuff, the AMAZING stuff, nobody is gonna do it for you.  Everyday that you buy into the lie that you “don’t have enough time”, you’re missing out on precious experiences.

And that’s not gonna happen.  Not on my watch.

My plan for 2015 is to help you make the most of every single moment. To show you ways to streamline the shit that isn’t precious so you can make the most of the next 365 (Okay, okay.  It’s January 14th so it’s actually 351) days.  To give you the time, energy and space to kick back with your own best friend in whatever baby pool you choose.

You ready?