“…but no money makes that kind of hard to do.  Forget the beach – I’d rather be here with you playing croquet okay, maybe, that’s not true.   But you make it easy, easy, easy to get away.  Sit in the sun and drink beer all day because it’s easy, easy, easier anyway…”

Lemme just tell you, me trying to convince you that getting organized is easy is just wrong.  Maybe even more wrong that Ms. Crow trying to pass off hanging out in the yard playing croquet as a better option than the beach.

(For real, IS there a better option than the beach?  Or at least a better option than what the beach represents?  Think about that for a minute- Why IS the beach so damn attractive?   Is it the sweet rhythm of the waves lapping the shore?  Is it the scantily clad hotties?? Is it the whole “getting away from real life” aspect? Personally, I think it’s mostly the latter.  Well, the latter made even more attractive by the hotties and ocean sounds!)

But really,  if it was THAT easy  to get organized then no one would be disorganized, right?

AND I’d be out of a job.

And honestly, it’s not easy.

It takes WORK.


Getting organized means digging into all the C.R.A.P. you’ve either ignored or buried or pretended didn’t matter.  Getting organized means putting in precious blood, sweat and tears with absolutely no guarantee for success.  It’s going outside of your comfort zone.  Making hard decisions.  Holding not only your own feet to the fire but also the feet of every other person in your home!  It may mean late nights and early mornings, “unpleasant” family confrontations, and untangling yourself from years of attachments. Getting organized sucks- Well, unless you’re me and it’s your idea of a fun way to spend a weekend!- but BEING organized?  BEING organized is AMAZING.

Being organized.  Can you picture it?  Can you imagine how it would change your life?  I’m talking days of enchanted wonderment.

Okay, okay, it’s not magic.

Being organized isn’t gonna solve all of life’s problems.  Kinda like being skinny doesn’t automatically make you a happier person.  Of course you’re still gonna have “issues” but there’s no denying that organization is gonna make life 100% easier.  You’ll still wanna sell your children on ebay every now and then.  You’ll still have those days at work where you’d rather put your arm in a meat grinder than spend one more second in your office.  I’m thinkin’ the cat’s still gonna barf on the new carpet and that poop-filled flock of birds is still gonna know the second you get your car washed but –BUTyou’ll only have to deal with that one layer of stress.  You can deal with the issue at hand and be done. You won’t have that sticky, gelatinous, amorphous cloak of disorganization bogging you down every second of every day.  You won’t have to constantly wade through that underlying layer of  “WHERE ARE MY KEYS I CAN’T FIND THE TAX PAPERWORK I NEED A PENCIL YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS BURIED SOMEWHERE IN THAT PILE OF PAPERWORK WHY THE HELL IS THE DISHWASHER EMPTY YET EVERY DISH WE OWN IS DIRTY AND ON THE COUNTER…”

I can’t tell you enough, zero is the key- it’s YOUR HERO- when it comes to getting organized.  And the last step is right down there.  (Don’t worry, you can catch up if you got behind.) Go ahead, click on it!

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