“…New Year!   Happy New Year!  Let’s raise a glass, here’s to you dear!  Now I was hoping that I’d find you here just to wish you a Happy New Year…I’ll quit smokin’.   I’ll quit eatin’.  I’m not jokin’, I’ll quit cheatin’. I’ll quit cursin’.   I’ll quit drinkin’.  I’ll be a better person…I know your thinkin’ I must be crazy.  Don’t sweat that small stuff, kiss me baby.  Yeah it’s September, but with you here, every night is a Happy New Year…”.”

Ever have a moment where absolutely everything you wanna say is contained in a song?  I mean, EVERYTHING. And really, instead of talking, you should just play the song?  Really REALLY loud.

I’m having’ one of those moments right now.

See, those lyrics up there are bits and pieces of perhaps THE most perfect song I could’ve ever hoped to find for a New Year’s post.

(And yes, they do happen to written by Mr. Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock-I know you’re shocked- and you need to watch the video because it’s effing hilarious. Seriously, just watch the intro and you’ll see why. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luUUnuaxIFQ )

They encompass everything New Year’s should- celebrating with friends, proudly proclaiming those optimistic resolutions and, most importantly, affirming that every day, every single day that you wake up, you get to start over.  It doesn’t matter if it’s January 1st or September 28th.  Any time that you want to make an adjustment, to change a habit, to rewrite your future, you have the power to do it.  

See, New Year’s isn’t just our one chance each year to start over.

I mean, HOLY SHIT, that’s a lot of pressure.

What if you have a sinus infection on New Year’s?  What if you’re in a bad mood?  What if you’ve had a tooth pulled and, since you’re gettin’ old and don’t recover like you used to, you don’t give a shit about resolutions and just wanna pull the covers over your head and clutch that tube of Orajel tighter than a baby clutches her paci?  What if you’re mad at your significant other? What if, despite the copious amounts of Immodium you’ve consumed, there’s no way you’re gonna be found outside of a three foot perimeter of your bathroom?

Instead of our one shot, I think New Year’s is more of a symbol.

A reminder that when one day- when one breath-ends, a new one follows.  And it can be filled with all the potential, all the promise you can realize.  But it also serves as a warning.  An admonition that there IS a limit on the amount of time we have.  No matter how awesome or atrocious 2013 was for us, we’ll never get it back.

And that’s probably the most important reason that, regardless of when the calendar tells us it’s time to celebrate, we get to start over, to bring out the old and ring in the new any damn time we want.