“…when your whole world leaves is to be reminded how it was ’cause when you’re down this low, all you wanna know is someone else is givin’ up and I know she’s sure given up.  I don’t wanna hear another love song where everybody’s happy and love goes on and on and on and nobody hurts and nobody lies.  The fiddle don’t sing and the steel don’t cry.  Oh I don’t wanna hear another love song…”

Cody Purvis.  A fellow Nelson County native livin’ in Music City layin’ out some perfect lyrics for One Organized Girl this fine day.

Seriously.  Look at those lyrics up there!  I mean, I know he’s talking about a broken heart but it totally applies to other C.R.A.P. in your life.

When your kids won’t listen or you keep fighting with your spouse about the same stuff over and over and over.  Or you’re swamped at work without any hope of help.  Your car breaks down.  The roof leaks.  You keep falling down.  The dentist charged you $1,000.00 to pull a tooth. You burned dinner for the third night in a row.  The baby won’t nap.  The pile of laundry in your house is Guinness Book material.

We all have those moments.  Those days.  And sometimes those weeks. Nothing works.  NOTHING. NOT. A. THING.  It’s like the perfect storm of C.R.A.P. has settled over your life and set up camp.  Like in those Mucinex commercials!  Just instead of boogers in your chest it’s…well, it’s an equally gross booger equivalent EVERYWHERE.

How many times have you looked around your life and thought “Well, that just went to shit.” and then everywhere else you look all you see is smiley, happy faces?  You wanna wallow around in some “I’m a loser a baby, so why don’t you kill me?” and all you’re finding is “Don’t worry be happy.”  All you want is a little commiseration.  A little “I totally get it”. Some company.  Knowledge that your’e actually NOT alone when you find yourself searching for a meat grinder in which to hurl yourself.

(FYI, that’s how you know you’ve had the ultimate bad day- the meat grinder test.  If at any point during your day, you’d rather subject various parts of YOUR OWN body to the meat grinder than be doing what you’re doing then yeah, your day sucks.  No, you can’t put other peoples’ body parts in the meat grinder.  Yes, it would take care of your issues but still…that’s not the way the meat grinder test works.)

I hate to break it to you, but sometimes that just happens.  Sometimes life gets messy.  And by messy I mean sucks.  It gets out of control.  Too much to handle. Overwhelming.  Un-deal-with-able!  Even when you have absolutely nothing to complain about.  Even when the craziness is from good stuff!

And you know what?  I kinda feel like we’re always surprised by it.  Like we expect that since we’ve weathered rough patches in the past that we should be done with the bad stuff. The difficult stuff.  That life should be smooth sailing for here on out.  Unfortunately it just doesn’t work that way.  See, the question isn’t WILL life suck at some point.  I’m a first class optimist but even I know that the REAL question is what the crap are you supposed to do WHEN life sucks?  When everything goes crazy. When you’re actively searching for that meat grinder.

Well, I’ve put together a little action plan for ya’!  You know, just a little something that should help when you find yourself especially mired down by the life of a grown-up. I’d suggest clicking on it, printing that bad boy and puttin’ it on your fridge. I’m pretty sure you’ll thank me for it later!

Just a few pointers for when you

Oh, and if you haven’t heard of Cody Purvis, you should totally check him out at http://codypurvis.webs.com/!  (For real.  Just click the web address and it’ll take you right to him!)