“…Second time was a blast!  Third time I fell in love now I hope it lasts…” Yes.  Just in case you were wondering, YES, that IS “The Right Stuff” by New Kids on the Block!  And yes, I’m sorry.    Now twenty-five years ago I would NOT be apologizing for using this lyric but now?.. read more →

“…are made of these.  Who am I to disagree?  I travel the world and the seven seas.  Everybody’s looking for something…” So my first question to you is this- Do you like the original version of this song by the Eurythmics or the cover by Marilyn Manson? Personally, I prefer Marilyn’s version.  While more than.. read more →

“…myself today to see if I still feel.  I focus on the pain.  The only thing that’s real…” I dunno about you but I LOVE Johnny Cash’s version of this song.  Not that Nine Inch Nails sounds terrible or anything.  It’s just…I guess it’s just that Mr. Cash’s version haunts me.  Something in his voice.. read more →

“…New Year!   Happy New Year!  Let’s raise a glass, here’s to you dear!  Now I was hoping that I’d find you here just to wish you a Happy New Year…I’ll quit smokin’.   I’ll quit eatin’.  I’m not jokin’, I’ll quit cheatin’. I’ll quit cursin’.   I’ll quit drinkin’.  I’ll be a better person…I know.. read more →

“…Hold tight.  We’re in for nasty weather. There has got to be a way.  Burning down the house…” I don’t know about you but sometimes Christmas and the days after kinda make me feel like the only way out of the mess IS, like the Talking Heads suggest, to burn down the house! Discarded wrapping.. read more →