Professional Organizer

Who is One Organized Girl?

professional organizer, pinterest consultant, memphis professional organizersHi! I’m Brenna Peyton, a professional organizer in Nashville.  I’m so glad you’re here at my site!

Let’s get one thing outta the way up front, okay?  My parents spelled my name wrong.  It’s actually pronounced “Bree-na” but honestly, I answer to anything.  Brenda, Brianna…I even got a Greena one time…Ah, my cross to bear, I guess!

Anyway, organizing has always been a part of my life. I was the kid who cleaned out her best friend’s closet when she got bored in high school.  I was the teacher who made her middle schoolers clean out their backpacks once a week and walked them through each step.  Now I’m the woman who rearranges her mom’s bathroom closets on every visit home.

Needless to say, I enjoy being a professional organizer and have a talent for making order out of chaos.

It’s more than that though.  I get how important your home and family are.  I mean, I. GET. IT.  I know, from deep down in my soul, that your family and your home are the very heart of who you are and that you want, with every fiber of your being, more time, space and energy to enjoy both of those things.    I also know that some days you’d rather set your house on fire than deal with the chaos that awaits you there.   Oh, and you know those daydreams you’ve had about being a single woman with no family, no friends…just a beach, a cold drink and a cabana boy at your beck and call?  I know all about those too.  I get that life is hard.  Even the good things in life.  ESPECIALLY the good things in life and I’m all about figuring out solutions so you can live with less chaos, resentment, anxiety and panic.  In short, life without the C.R.A.P.

How does using a Professional Organizer work?

Working with a professional organizer is pretty simple, and it should be.  To get started with my professional organizing services, or even just to see if using a professional organizer is right for you, all you have to do is call or email me.  We’ll talk a little bit about what’s driving you crazy and what your specific needs are and then schedule a FREE (Yup, I said free.  That means free of charge AND obligation) half-hour, onsite organizing consultation.  This will allow us to meet and give me an opportunity to see your space up close and personal.  (Don’t you dare clean up before I come!)  After the consultation I’ll email you some ideas for your space and, if you decide to go further with One Organized Girl as your professional organizer we’ll set up a time for our first work session.

As your Professional Organizer, there are three ways I can help you in your space.

  1. I can work independently in your space.  This means I do it all-usually while you’re not home-and we communicate through emails, phone calls and texts about the project.  This approach lets you walk into your home and see the finished product.
  2. I can work with you, as your partner, in your space.  This means we’re working side by side.  We’ll still communicate through those emails, phone calls and texts but we’ll also have way more face to face time.  If you’re looking to learn organizing tips and tricks that you can apply to other areas of your life this is probably the way to go.
  3. I can consult with you about your space and give you a “to do” list.  If you’re just looking for a few ideas but enjoy doing the bulk of the grunt work this is the way to go.  If you’re interested in this approach check out the Virtual Consulting options that One Organized Girl, LLC offers.

Not sure which approach you’d like to try?  I can totally help you figure that out.  Most clients end up using a combination of all three.

Click on the Services Page for details and pricing.