Professional Organizer Testimonials

“By the way, I don’t know if you realize how powerful what you do is in someone’s life.  You are literally helping me permanently change my life. I could never do this on my own. But I really do plan to make these changes permanent. Those of us suffering from the disease of clutter think we’ll have to hide it from everyone for the rest of our lives. You are a fantastic professional organizer proving that there is a CURE!!!”
“Just wanted to thank you for making such a difference in my life!!!  School starts tomorrow…so I made sure I cooked dinner, and did all the little things that the kids needed before tomorrow. And although it doesn’t LOOK very different around here yet…I noticed that it FEELS different!! There was more order than chaos this year…and it will only get better!”
“All mothers in Charlottesville should know about you!”  “You grew my daughter’s room!  Now I don’t have to move to make her want to be in there.  Truly a fantastic professional organizer.”
“I was totally overwhelmed and at my wit’s end after a cross-country move.  I was in desperate need of a professional organizer to help me.  With three young daughters, a husband at a fancy new job and my own business to set up and re-launch in a new area, I had no idea where to even begin. In desperation I searched locally for a professional organizer hoping someone could help me dig my way out of the boxes and into some kind of inviting home office. Even just arriving at www.oneorganizedgirl.com online made me feel better! That same simple, approachable style I found on her website came with Brenna when she arrived at my house. I felt totally at ease. It didn’t take long for me to see that Brenna not only knows how to break down the big tasks into an easy, repeatable process (so I know how to do it for myself now – though I still like to invite her in to help!) but she also knows how to make a space look beautiful and inviting. I now have the sweetest home office I’ve ever had. We did it all in one weekend, with the help of her fun and hard-working crew. Her right-hand-man (and husband) even made me an amazing homemade desk! I can’t recommend Brenna and One Organized Girl highly enough. Bring her in to help you get that project done!  You will be so happy you did!! ”  
~Michelle Barry Franco, Principal of MBF Professional Development
“I just wanted to let the world know how wonderful Brenna is.  Shortly before the New Year, she came to my house and helped me tackle the dreaded spare bedroom (aka the place we threw all our extra stuff and junk we didn’t want to deal with). I consider myself fairly neat, but I also tend to hold onto unnecessary things for an absurdly long time. Brenna, God bless her, came in and kindly reminded me that keeping boxes for appliances is slightly ridiculous and I could safely part with them. Whew. She was so nice about it and I didn’t even think twice! We emptied the room and put it back together in just over an hour! Miraculous, if you ask me.Now the floor is clear of clutter, the closet is organized in boxes, and I can actually close the closet door. I will definitely utilize her help again when we move.  She’s the best!”
~ Amanda
“While working on closet solutions with OOG, I witnessed first hand the amount of work she puts into helping her clients.  After she helps you wade through piles of stuff, you are left with a clean, easy-to-use space, and OOG even hauls off the excess stuff you don’t need!  Her solutions are catered to your budget and space. If a room in your home is giving you a headache, call OOG to help you get started. If you need special racks, shelving, or custom designs for your project, call BL Handyman Services for a free estimate. Together with OOG, we will make sure your problem space becomes your new favorite place.”
~Adam Lazenby, BL Handyman Services