“…you ain’t got nothin’ to lose that ain’t already gone…”

Oh, Kid Rock, you’ve gone and done it again. Puttin’ somethin’ in your lyrics that rocks my world.

Something that I want to stand on the mountaintops and shout at the top of my lungs!

(Okay, so I may be a little biased in the ole’  Kid Rock department but don’t let your feelings about him cloud your judgement on these lyrics, okay?  THEY. ARE. GENIUS.)

Close your eyes for a second.  Think about the spaces in your life- your home, your work, your car, your purse/briefcase/backpack.

Can you see those spaces in your mind’s eye?  Is that vision pretty clear? So clear that you feel like you could reach out and touch them? Do any of them look like a bomb went off?  Like a giant used ’em as a snow globe? Do any of them make you feel like you’d rather sing naked karaoke in the middle of Times Square at noon than invite someone into ’em?

For arguments’ sake, let’s just say that you answered yes to all of the questions above.  Yes, you can see those spaces.  Yup, they’re clear.  Uh huh, you can almost feel the dirty laundry slipping through your fingers. Sure, a bomb would explain A LOT. Holy crap, I can blame a giant for this mess?  Naked karaoke is no problem; I could get some sun!

Now think about this- What are you losing, what are you missing out on, because your space is in its current condition?

(Um, a shitload.)

What benefit are you getting from keeping three years worth of newspapers, recipes you printed off the internet in 1999, and every art supply your kids ever looked at?  Are these things making your life richer?  What is this lifestyle of “I might need it” or “Just in case” or “But so and so gave that me” really worth?

(Ah, NOTHIN’!)

The truth is, the only thing you have to lose- Enjoying your life! Having the time, space, and energy for the “good stuff”!- is ALREADY. GONE.  And has been for a while.

When’s the last time you felt good in your space?  When’s the last time you actually looked forward to going home?  How long has it been since you were proud to invite friends over?

If the state of your space (and maybe your life) keeps you up at night or makes you feel like you have the creepy-crawlies ALL.THE.TIME. or causes you CONTINUED unnecessary stress, then you really DO NOT have anything to lose that you haven’t lost already.  

Okay, okay.  So MAYBE you won’t get the “I have more scrapbook paper than Hobby Lobby award” at your book club this year.  MAYBE you’ll have to let go of thirteen of those fourteen boxes of masterpieces created by your three-year old. You might even have to part with some of that “OH MY GOD BUT IT WAS 95% OFF” crap that you didn’t need in the first place but it’ll be worth it.  Your well-being, your stress level, your quality of life are all worth a hell of a lot more than that C.R.A.P. that’s cluttering up your life.

Wanna know what the next line in those lyrics up there is?

“…’cause trapped in these blues ain’t where you belong so baby rock on.”

Read it again.

“…trapped in these blues ain’t where you belong…”

It’s. Not. Where. You. Belong.

If you’re ready to embrace that, if you really believe that’s true, here’s a little somethin’ to help you get started.

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