“…that gets to hold the Mona Lisa and I don’t care if that’s all I ever do…”

Every time I hear this Brad Paisley lyric the same thought strikes me over and over.

(It’s pretty profound.  You ready for it?)

Holy shit, that’s freakin’ brilliant.  BRILLIANT.

If you ever wanted to make a statement about how precious someone or something is in your life, THIS is the way to make it.

I mean, come on.  IS there any more important frame out there than the one that holds the Mona Lisa? (If you know of one, don’t burst my bubble, okay?)  IT. HOLDS. THE. MONA. LISA.   THE MONA LISA, PEOPLE!!!!

Its entire purpose is to wrap its protective…um…”arms” around this invaluable piece of art and keep her safe.   Anonymously.  Without any fanfare or glory of its own. This frame’s destiny is to pretty much fade into obscurity only known by the precious item filling it.  There are no Facebook pages dedicated to the frame.  No one takes pictures of the artwork and crops everything out but the frame.

(Now I’m gonna be honest with you.  I dunno if the Mona Lisa has a frame or not.   I’m choosing not to get hung up on those types of details and I’m gonna need you to do the same, okay?)

The best part though?  The best part is that the frame doesn’t give a shit about having any fanfare of its own.  (You know, at least according to Mr. Paisley’s and Mr. DuBois’ lyrics!)  The frame is just freakin’ thrilled to be there.  HONORED to get to live in such close proximity of this amazing object.  AND the frame doesn’t care about all the other glorious pieces of art near it.  It’s not tryin’  to make some sort of rotation so one day it holds the Mona Lisa and the next it holds…well, some other priceless piece!  (Forgive me but I am somewhat uncultured at least when it comes to fine art.  Annnnnnnd maybe a lot of other stuff too…)

The frame focuses on ONE precious item.  ONE.  The Mona Lisa isn’t lost in a shuffle of Ghostbusters movie posters and Thomas Kincaid prints. Stolen road signs from its youth and knotted up latch-hook rugs aren’t mucking up its focus.

So my question to you is this-

What do you hold precious enough that everything else falls by the wayside?  

What item do you truly cherish?

It doesn’t have to be something lavish or sophisticated.  It doesn’t have to have historical significance or monetary value as long as it means the world to you.  As long as you kinda feel about it the way the frame feels about the Mona Lisa.

And are you treating that item like the treasure it is?

See, I run into a lot of situations where people try their best to convince me- and maybe even themselves- that EVERYTHING- all the mountains of crap piled up and falling onto each other- is equally precious.  Equally valuable AND valued.  The thing is- well, there are two things-

1.  There’s no way you can value 73 items with the same intensity that you value a few.

2.  In most cases, there’s no way you can treat that many “valued” items with the respect they deserve.

(Well, unless you’re the Duggars and we’re talking about your kids.)

Let’s say you LOVE vintage stuff and you snap up every single item you ever encounter.  Pretty soon you’ve got signs leaning against jars falling down onto dishware getting all tangled up in jewelry falling up against furniture.  Pretty much, everything fades into one big glob of crap and instead of a “collection” your home has become the Hotel California for vintage items.   (I’m using this example because it’s something I fight against on a regular basis with myself.  Serious internal conflict, yo!)  If you DO have a favorite-and I’m pretty sure there are a few items that you love MORE than others- there’s no discerning it from the other less important stuff.  Oh yeah, and EVERY SINGLE THING is dusty, creased, bent, broken etc etc.

If you can get rid of those items that don’t blow your skirt up 100% of the time then you can truly enjoy, cherish, value, and care for the items that you decide to keep.  When someone comes over, instead of seeing a room full of “junk”, they’ll compliment you on your gorgeous vintage sign collection.  Instead of tripping over the piles of “old crap” in your office, your significant other may actually admit that those license plates from the 1950s are pretty cool.  And more importantly, you’ll have a space that you can maintain and be proud of.

So how do you figure out which items make the cut?  How do you figure out what your Mona Lisa is?  I’ll admit, it’s not always easy but here’s a little somethin’ that can help!

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