So what the heck IS zero?

(Just a caveat,  zero is gonna be your new best friend.  It’s gonna rock your world.  It’s gonna…Well, let me start at the beginning!)

1.  Zero is the philosophy under which One Organized Girl operates.

This means that when OOG is in your space, every action that’s taken and every organizing choice that’s made is done purposefully to get you to zero.  

2.  Zero is a way to rate your space.  

Think about a pain scale.  When you feel good, your pain rating is zero, right?  Now transfer that to your space.  You’re at zero when you feel good in your space.  You’re not embarrassed for others to see it. It’s not driving you completely crazy.  Zero is the cleaned up, picked up END PRODUCT.  

(Just in case you need a visual, here’s my absolute favorite pain scale.  EVER.  I have NO idea who created it but whoever you are, you’re my hero!)

3.  Zero has three parts.

The first thing we’ve gotta do is ESTABLISH zero. This is where most of the work happens.  This is where we dig out and deal with all the C.R.A.P. in your space.  

The second part is MAINTAINING zero. Maintenance is what’s gonna ensure you don’t ever go back to the dark side. This is where we figure out strategies that work for you and your family so you can stay organized.

The third part is GETTING BACK TO zero when life’s been crazy.  You’ve gotta be realistic.  Life IS gonna get crazy. That’s its job.  Getting back to zero entails learning how to rate your space (Is it a 4 or are you actively being mauled by a bear?) and then doing the work to get your space back to where you feel good in it. 

(In case you’re wondering, the second and third parts are CLOSELY related. CLOSELY.)


4. YOU get to decide your zero. 

No one can tell you what kind of space you feel good in. You have to decide that for yourself.  (I’ll help, of course!) And your zero might be different from someone else’s. Your zero probably WILL be different from someone else’s! My zero might be your -12. Your sister’s zero might be your 4!

5.  Zero is NOT your “perfect” space. 

You don’t knock down walls or repaint to get to zero.  You don’t wait until you can buy all new furniture to get to zero. Zero is taking your current situation and making it the absolute best it can be. Sure, you’re probably gonna buy some new organizing tools.  Re-arrange some furniture. Take a crap-load of stuff to Goodwill.  But you don’t wait until your kids are grown to get to zero.  Capisce?


I can’t promise you that getting to zero will be easy. I can’t promise that there won’t be bumps in the road but this philosophy works. IT. WORKS.  And I’d love to help you start figuring out your own zeros anytime you’re ready!